The coming Nativity of Our Lord

Great Conjunction of 2020 taken in Virginia, USA

The celebration of the Nativity of Our Lord is almost upon us. Last night was the Great Conjunction of 2020. A friend’s niece who lives in Virginia took the picture above. I don’t know if she added the lens flair or it just came out that way. It does make a statement for this time of year.

I have seen on some of the other folks I read, links to Advent and Christmas music. I thought that I would add to this. First is my favorite Advent hymn:

The next I heard over at Chant du Départ. It was the version by Sting. Having a bent more towards the “classical” sounds, I give you this rendering of the Basque carol:

But if you want a more authentic version here it is in Basque:

And finally for your joy and appreciation, the Irish Wexford Carol. The first is by Alison Kruass. When she sings some things, I think she has the voice of the Angels; this is one:

Here is a more traditional rendition by The Palestrina Choir of St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland.

Even in such dark times as we may be entering, this music brings joy to me and maybe also to anyone who stops by and listens.

A very Merry and Blessed Christmas to all. The Light came into this world to push back the Darkness.


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