It is on!

SpaceX received its FAA launch license for Starship/Superheavy just before 5 PM CDT this Friday the 14th of April 2023. SpaceX is targeting Monday, 17 April for the launch with a 150 minute launch window opening at 7 AM CDT (7-9:50 AM) (Edit – I can’t add, it should be 7-9:30 AM). This was announced here: UPCOMING STARSHIP FLIGHT TEST. Scroll down that page for the full timeline of the launch sequnce. The Starship will land (splashdown) just off the island of Hawaii 1 1/2 hours after launch.

I was watching the live update from NASASpaceflight on Youtube where I heard the announcement. The license is good for 5 years and I have to wonder if it applies to future vehicles or is limited to S24/BN7.

An animation to sooth the anticipation.

I will be up early on the 17th to watch it on the SpaceX channel. The above SpaceX webpage states that they will start coverage about 45 minutes before (the first attempted) launch time.


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